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Freelance without financial worries
Tourism combined conference conferences for businesses. In this way, the conference and conference program not only brings better work efficiency, but also creates cohesion of how members participate.

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Organizing Holidays

Vacation for business

We plan, arrange and conduct tours, resorts or visits for organizations or businesses to help the whole company connect, help create a happy atmosphere, relieve stress and contribute to building corporate culture.

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Spiritual tourism

Towards cultural values and beliefs
Spiritual tourism is an activity that is meaningful in terms of belief, religion, and also has spiritual meaning, relaxation… Each cultural and spiritual tourist site has different meanings to help you to find spiritual tourism. giving visitors the opportunity to understand more about the original history, architecture and sacred and ancient values.

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Tourism combined healing

Healing and resting convalescence
Tourism combined healing is a health care tour, also known as therapeutic tourism. The itinerary of these tours focuses on meditation exercises, yoga, participation in health-promoting activities such as cycling, jogging, qigong practice, etc. in places with fresh climate and unspoiled natural landscapes.

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